PhySIC_IST: cleaning source trees to infer more informative supertrees.

Scornavacca C., Berry V., Lefort V., Douzery E.J.P., Ranwez V.
BMC Bioinformatics. 2008, Oct 4;9:413.

Please cite THIS paper if you use PhySIC_IST.

PhySIC_IST online execution

Source tree file File Example file
Backbone tree file (optional)
Outgroup file (optional)
Bootstrap threshold for source clade selection
Correction threshold used by STC
(a real value between 0 and 1, with 0 asking to remove any triplet as soon as it is less frequent than an alternative triplet, while 1 leaves source trees unchanged)

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User guide

More explanations are given in this document .

The online interface

It is a web form that you fill with your data and values for the program options, your name; then click on the "Execute & email results" button to start the program with your settings; after a while you will receive your results by email.

For a quick start, simply select the "Example" radio button, type your email, and click the "Execute & email results" button. This will run the program with default values; the example tree file contains three trees in Newick format.