Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Results and publications

Here is a short table of projects to which ATGC NGS has been collaborating to. Collaborations and services often end up in co-publications. Thanks to all those groups for nice collaborations.

Collaborator : main collaborator and his lab. Other collaborators for the same study are in the authors list of the publication.
Type : genomics (G), transcriptomics (T), translatomics (R)

Species Type Publication Journal doi Year Aim / topic Collaborator Lab / Univ
Mouse T-R Oldfield et al. Nature Communications doi 2019 transcription initiation regulation A. Oldfield NIEHS, US
Algae O. tauri G Blanc-Mathieu et al. Science Advances doi 2017 genome variability in population G. Piganeau Arago UPMC
T. cacao L. G Argout et al. BMC Genomics doi 2017 genome re-sequencing & assembly X. Argout CIRAD
Malaria parasite G Diwedi et al Malaria J. doi 2017 genomic variability and resistance E. Cornillot IRCM
M. truncatula T Damiani et al. Frontiers Plant Sci. doi 2016 root hair specific transcriptome response H. Sentenac INRA
Human G Keyser et al. Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. B doi 2015 human genetics, anthropobiology C. Keyser AMIS U. Stras.
Algae O. tauri G Blanc-Mathieu et al. BMC Genomics doi 2014 genome re-sequencing & assembly G. Piganeau Arago UPMC
Mouse G Buard et al. PLOS One doi 2014 DSB and recombination control B. de Massy IGH
Human/mouse G Cayrou et al Genome Research doi 2011 predict DNA replication origins M. Mechali IGH
Sturgeons G Shao et al. J. of Genetics link 2011 phylogenetics of sturgeons P. Berrebi ISEM
Radish G Hernandez et al. BMC Plant Biology doi 2010 fertility restorer genetics F. Budar INRA Versailles
Mouse G Bonhomme et al. Genome Biology doi 2007 population genomics in subspecies F. Bonhomme ISEM
Human mouse T Rivals et al Nucleic Acids Res. doi 2007 transcript identification J. Marti IGH